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The Texas Chisholm Trail Crime Prevention Association, a unit of the Texas Crime Prevention Association, is composed of concerned citizens, private security professionals, loss prevention experts, crime prevention specialists, public safety educators and law enforcement officers.


We are founded on spreading the concepts of crime prevention through sharing information on new programs and building partnerships. We welcome the participation of individuals, companies and other organizations.


The Texas Chisholm Trail Crime Prevention Association affects the prevention of crime through coordinated and concentrated efforts, through programs and functions that encourage citizen involvement and participation, and by assisting in the effort to create a safer environment for the citizens we serve.

At the December 8th, 2016 meeting -Christmas Party

Rafins 2932 Crocket Street Ft. Worth, Texas



Check meeting locations for more information, you need to RSVP.



It is that time of year to renew your membership or to join for 2017.  Go to http://tcpa.org/?p=86 to complete your membership application.  If you do not renew, your CCPS certification will lapse and you will have to retest.


Members, bring in new members, new departments, and business to the next TCTCPA meeting.